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Every reliable data that is analyzed with correct techniques and correct purposes, usually contains quite significant information. Believing in the significance of data, Trustdata provides services in data analysis based strategies, decision support structures, database based marketing scenario creation.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Active Marketing communications, creating segment based or one-on-one marketing strategies, efficient campaign-value creating works, cross-sales suggestions, data updating and data enrichment strategies.

  • Data Mining Services

    Statistical analysis calculations, text mining, grouping, classification, segmentation, basket analysis.

  • Customer Data Analyses

    Customer value measurement analyses/segmentation, next time sale/next process time etc. estimator modelling works.

  • Strategic Planning

    Investment planning, creating sales goals, store-branch location detection, warehouse/stock distribution scheduling, farsighted estimation analysis services.

  • Data Quality Processes

    Customer data cleaning, correction, deduplication, quality measurement operations.

  • Data Enrichment and Updating

    Customer data enrichment and updating with efficient communication approaches and technical work.

  • Data Matching Operations

    Matching mutual customers among company customer databases, creating cross-sales advantages, automatic data correction, direct matching of data without exporting via deduplication and advanced encryption methods.

  • Source Planning

    Timing and cost optimizations of personnel, tool, device and such sources, productivity – profitability calculations

  • Decision Support Services

    Engineering and sectorial business problems, performance management. Production, healthcare, automotive, finance, airlines, cargo, transportation and other fields.

Trustdata Yazılım Ürünleri (Software Products) belong to the İnteraktif Grup company, along with interasate software developing team and business processes.

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