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Customizable Software Solutions

interasate© - web, pc and mobile based software solutions in all software developing platforms needed. Websites, mobile applications, social media applications, loyalty and CRM applications, integration, ETL/ELT automatic data management processes, automatic data analysis processes, server management.

Design Services

We provide creative online and offline design solutions that make you feel like we operate right next to you. UX Analysis, UX Design, motion graphic, game design, web interface, digital design

Data Analysis Services

Quick and excellent service in all data management and analysis processes. Data=Trust - an approach that adds value to data. Data matching, data quality, data mining, data deduplication, data enrichment, customer data management, automatic datamart/datawarehoue structures, decision support systems with our software solutions developed by consulting and data management experience.

Mercedes-Benz data quality, special customer management, data management, segmentation and cross-sales analyses...

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