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Süperkod from the corporate point of view:

Profiling and target audience management
Süperkod occasionally collect information from the members in line with the requirements. Makes the data used to provide you with an opportunity to give messages to the right target audience. You can identify any preferred message to any preferred profile while creating a campaign. As the people campaign, you will be able to view the participation from your screen and you can either start conversations with people by defining automatic communication orders or start quick conversations or collective chats that you can manage from your screen. Süperkod does not share the customer information with brands without customer's permission, but makes the data used and allows you to perform communication management with your corporate brand identification through the system.

Efficient campaign management
süperkod has a very rich campaign management infrastructure. Allows people to create campaigns about point earning, discount winning, lottery and gifts. Generate automatic lottery codes with campaign attendance and share it with the person or create an exclusive discount campaign in a product or give a present to every Xth person.
Offers date, time, number of people, number of products, maximum point/discount, once-in-an-invoice, every-person-once based, vendor/branch/store based campaign opportunities.
Please contact us for further information about other campaign management details.
Süperkod comprises all kinds of software solutions for you to track and evaluate your campaign on person basis with single use singular personal codes delivered to people in payment point, cashier, your stand and prevent rejoining to the campaign.

Süperkod from the individual user point of view::

You have a special message from the brand you are interested in...
Süperkod is full of information about the opportunities special for you and information about the brands you are interested in. With Süperkod, brands share campaign notifications such as information, advertisement, advantage, discount, point, gift, lottery that are special only for you, or inform you about products and services or offers opportunities for you to immediately deliver your comments and demands to the brand. Süperkod, a different way of communication with your favorite brands...
Send the supercode that you hear or see in a brand advertisement via e-mail, SMS, Twitter or süperkod website or smartphone application, watch the ""special for you"" announcement of the brand, either join or get information or send your ideas to the brand.

free süperkod
süperkod is a free service and does not have a membership fee. Internet connection may be needed while sending e-mails or tweets, browsing a website or using a mobile application, when you send an SMS, süperkod does not claim any compensation except from the GSM operator fare charges.

Why brands?
süperkod provides brands with an instant, one-on-one communication infrastructure. Provides brands with technical infrastructure to allows notification, informing, discount, lottery and gift offers for you customers, who are interested in the products and services. Brands never know your birth date, but if your age is between 25 and 35 and the brand wants to send a notification to that special group, you get the relevant special message when you enter süperkod. When the message does not turn out to be satisfying and to your liking. Send your opinions and comments, we deliver and collectively request.

süperkod and personal information
süperkod preserves the rights of its members. süperkod keeps your information hidden to know you better and let the brands serve your more correct messages. Your personal information cannot get out of the süperkod system. Only allows the brand to contact you to the extend permitted by you.

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