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Customer/Member Management Systems is a customer and member-oriented CRM solution platform emerged towards the need and as a result of operational and strategic integrated marketing communications management experience and consulting services provided for many years in various industries such as automotive, healthcare, medicine, association, food, education, entertainment, logistics, clothing.

Required arrangements are easily provided through our multi-leveled member management architecture and parametric structure. Multi-leveled member management scenarios such as Center Management/Store/Customer, Distributor/Main Dealer/Sub Dealer/Trading Posts, Central Administration/Province/County/Quarter Organizations can be managed. Customized solutions such as Vendor System, Mall, Technical Service, Retailing, Political Party, Association/Foundation/Brand Special Customer Management are available.

Modules Included
  • Customer Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Loyalty Card
  • Campaign Management
  • Point/Reward Managements
  • SMS/Email/IVR
  • Call Center Communications Managements
  • Stock/Product Management
  • Survey Management
  • Sales/Returns Management
  • Automatic Order-Based Communications Management
  • Searching/Reporting
  • Authorization Management

Marketing and communications consulting experience gained in parallel with the strong and competent software experience aim to be an active tool with pCRM for needs, problems and all possible expectations.

In this regard, pCRM Management System turns communication management into a focal point and provides service for customers with a quick and correct approach, and avails on the sectors with other advanced and distinctive software solutions by adopting the principle of conveying at the right time, the right communication, through the right channel to the right person.

pCRM is a product of interasate – an İnteraktif Satış Teknolojileri company.

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